The End

By: bryankneiding

Apr 21 2010

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This image I jokingly refer to as, ‘The End,’ for obvious reasons.  I captured this moment during a playoff basketball game I was covering.  The gym was small and completely packed.  So full, in fact, people were seated on the floor along the bleachers, leaving little room for players to take the ball in and out from the sidelines.  Early in the second half, the ball went out of bound near the female spectators pictured.  As the player readied himself to put the ball into play, the one girl joked with her friends by pretending to grab the players rear end.  I tried to capture that shot but just missed it.  Dejected, I continued to photograph the game.  Luckily for me, the ball went out near the same spot.  Knowing the girl had already done this action, I was ready in case she did it again.  Sure enough, the spectator repeated her actions and I snagged this shot.